Strategies to Bridge the

• Enhancement of potential and realizable productivity through an integrated system of cultivation using high-yielding and resistant varieties, plant nutrient management, production technology suited to different agroecological situations and cropping systems, and need-based plant protection measures are future areas of increasing relevance in boosting ginger production.

• Resistance breeding against devastating diseases such as soft rot and bacterial wilt incorporating genes from wild relatives using biotechnological tools or through the exploitation of somaclonal variations.

• Enhancement of quality and evolving and popularizing very efficient post-harvest handling techniques including product diversification.

• Tailoring production to meet export needs and international requirements such as clean ginger.

• Organic ginger production is to be promoted as a large quantity of immature ginger and fresh ginger are being used for the production of fresh ginger products. Popularization of products such as ginger beer, ginger ale, ginger squash, and ginger tea among consumers can help to create demand for ginger, which in turn will boost the ginger economy.

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