Spacing and Method of Planting

Spacing varies with soil fertility, cultivar, climate, and management practices. Earlier reports indicated that closer spacing gave better yield (Loknath and Das, 1964; Aiyadurai, 1966; Randhawa et al., 1972; Nair, 1982). Based on trials, planting of ginger is recommended on raised beds (in order to facilitate drainage) at a spacing of 20 X 20 cm or 25 X 25 cm and a depth of 4 to 5 cm with the viable bud facing upward. Pandey (1999) reported that among different spacings (40 X 20, 30 X 20, 40 X 30 and 50 X 20 cm) the highest yield was observed under closest spacing. Planting of irrigated ginger in raised beds (see Figure 5.2) gave the highest yield when compared to planting in ridges, furrows, and flat ground (KAU, 1993). The seed rhizome is placed 3.5 to 5.0 cm deep in a pit and soil is pressed over it (see Figure 5.3) followed by light irrigation. Mulching the beds twice with green leaves is important (see Figure 5.4). In general, the planting depth varies with the size of the planting unit, soil type, and soil moisture content (Kandiannan, 1996). Bolder seed rhizomes are planted deeper and smaller rhizome bits at shallow depths. The commonly adopted practice is to place the rhizome

Soil Bed For Ginger
Figure 5.2 Raised beds (3 m X 1 m X 0.25 m) ready for planting ginger.

piece at 4 to 10 cm depth (Kannan and Nair, 1965; Aiyadurai, 1966; Paulose, 1973; Lee et al., 1981; Mohanthy et al., 1990; Wilson and Ovid, 1993).

Mohanty and Sarma (1978) reported that best growth and the highest rhizome yield (23.4 t/ha) was obtained with Ceresan wet-treated rhizomes, planted in raised beds, with farmyard manure (FYM) at 25 t/ha + N, P2O5, and K2O at 75, 50, and 50 kg/ha, respectively, and mulched with green leaves at 15 t/ha at planting followed by two mulches using 7.5 t/ha at 45 and 90 days after planting (Figure 5.4). A good crop of ginger raised in this way is shown in Figure 5.5.

Kin et al. (1998) reported that narrow ridge cultivation reduced the ginger rot disease effectively by 78.1 percent compared with unridged plots.

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