Row Spacing Depth of Seed Placement and Sowing

Ginger is sown on raised beds or on flat land. Spacing is 20 cm both within rows and between rows for ware (Process)-ginger production and 10 or 15 cm within and between rows using the minisett technique for seed ginger growing. Some available evidence indicates that the optimal depth for seed placement is 5 cm, but results of later studies (Okwuowulu, 1992a) show that under certain conditions, adopting a 5 cm depth predisposes the rhizomes to significant (P = .05) loss due to desiccation, especially if harvesting is delayed. Seed placement of up to 10 cm was recommended, especially in areas of plantation cropping where harvesting stretches from November to February (Okwuowulu, 1992a). Setts are manually prepared, 30 workdays are required to cut enough ginger to establish one hectare. It requires normally 150 workdays to plant one hectare of ginger, but this operation is amenable to mechanization using a modified motorized potato planter. This has an output of 0.1 ha per hour (Whiley, 1974, Anonymous, 1982).

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Aromatherapy Natural Scents that Help and Heal

Aromatherapy Natural Scents that Help and Heal

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