Organic Farming of Ginger

Organic farming is an approach to sustainable agriculture aiming to create an integrated, ecofriendly and economically sustainable production system. This integrated system includes the protection of soil fertility through the application of organic matter and fostering the soil biological activity. Nutrients are applied through relatively insoluble nutrient sources (organics), maintenance of the nitrogen source through the raising of leguminous crops, recycling organic residues, and disease and insect pest control through crop rotation, use of natural predators, biopesticides, and resistant varieties as well as by maintaining diversity in crop plants.

The approaches to the organic cultivation of ginger involve the following aspects (Potty and Krishnakumar, 1999; Arya, 2001).

1. Nutritional management through:

• The application of FYM, oil cakes, vermi-compost, and bio-fertilizers

• Raising leguminous cover and intercrops

• Use of permitted fertilizers such as powdered rock phosphate and sulfate of potash

2. Insect—pest management through:

• Cultural practices

• Mechanical (manual) collection and removal of root grubs, beetles, and others

• Use of biopesticides such as neem products, extracts of Lantana, and incorporation of Trichoderma in the soil

• Use of bioagents such as Bacillus thuringiensis strain kurusakthy, into the borehole of pseudostems to kill the larvae of the stem borer; Trichoderma, for control of other soilborne pathogens

3. Use of tolerant varieties

4. Disease management through practices such as crop rotation and adjusting planting time

5. Adoption of proper cultural practices such as providing drainage, shade, and timely removal of affected plants etc.

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