3 Shogaols

3a; R1 = OH, R2 = H 3b; R1 = OH, R2 = OCH3 3c; R1 = R2 = OCH3




4 Shogaols

4a; R = CH2CH2C(=O)CH=CHCHOH(CH2)3CH3 (6)-Hydroxyshogaol 4b; R =-CH=CH-C(=O)CH2C(=O)CH=CH(CH2)2CH3 (6)-Dehydroshogaol



Figure 3-1 Gingerols, shogaols, and related compounds isolated from ginger (adapted from Akhila and Tewari, 1984 and from Kikuzaki, 2000).

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