Morphological and Growing Characteristics

The ginger plant is erect and has fibrous roots, aerial shoots, leaves, flowers, and rhizomes. Its morphological characteristics are shown in Figure 6.1.

Root: Ginger root includes fibrous root and fleshy root. After planting, many roots having indefinite growth grow from the base of the sprouts. They are called fibrous roots. The number of the fibrous roots keep on increasing with the seedling growth, and each carries many tiny lateral roots. The fibrous roots are thin, have root hairs, and so they are also called absorption roots. Toward the rapid growing stage, several fleshy roots of indefinite growth come out from the lower node of the mother ginger and primary fingers. These fleshy roots are 0.5 cm thick and 10 to 25 cm long. They are milk-white, with few root hairs and no lateral roots. They have the functions of absorption and support, and they also can be eaten. Ginger roots are shallow, distributed within 30 cm deep in the soil, and only a few reach the lower soil layers. They are underdeveloped with low absorption ability. Therefore, ginger requires good conditions of soil, fertilizer, water, and so on.

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