Many workers reported micropropagation of ginger using shoot meristems (Hosoki and Sagawa, 1977; Nadgauda et al., 1980; Pillai and Kumar, 1982; Ilahi and Jabeen, 1987; Bhagyalakshmi and Singh, 1988; Saradha and Padmanabhan, 1989; Balachandran et al., 1990; Choi, 1991a; Choi and Kim, 1991; Samsudeen, 1996; Nirmal Babu, 1997), base of the pseudostem (Ikeda and Tanabe, 1989; Choi, 1991b; Nirmal Babu, 1997; Nirmal Babu et al., 1998), and roots (Nel, 1985). The most commonly used medium was the MS basal medium (Murashige and Skoog, 1962) supplemented with IAA, IBA, NAA,

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Table 4.1 In vitro responses

of ginger

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