Major insect pests, 369 Marketing, 447 Export, 452

Factors of demand/export, 449 Import, 459 Main suppliers, 451 Market opportunities, 462 Market structure, 448 Performance by India, 453 Products of commerce, 447 Prospects and policy measures, 465 Risk and uncertainty, 464 US imports, 460 World trade, 452 Method of planting, 214 Micro propagation, 131 Flower culture, 185 In vitro response, 182 Inflorescence culture, 184 Vegetative bud culture, 184 Micro rhizome, 195 Minor diseases, 329 Molecular characterisation, 202 Morphology, 17 Mulching, 225

Plastic film mulching, 261 Mutation breeding, 70 Microencapsulated oleoresin, 424 Minor insect pests, 377 Minor pests of stored product, 382

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