Table 11.5 (continued)

Pesticide Tolerance Limit, ppm

Methyl chlorpyrifos 0.05

Cypermethrin (sum of all isomers) 0.05

Deltamethrin 0.05

Diazinol 0.02

Dichlorvos 0.1

Diclofop methyl 0.1

Dicofol (sum of isomers) 0.02

Dimethoate 0.5

Disulfoton 0.02

Dithiocarbamate 0.05

Endosulfan (sum of all isomers) 0.05

Ethion 0.05

Fenitrothion 0.05

Fenevalerate (sum of all isomers) 0.05

Copper based pesticides 40.00

Malathion 0.05

Methyl bromide 0.05

Mevinphos 0.05

Omethoate 0.05

Parathion and Para oxon 0.1

Methyl Parathion & Methyl Para oxon 0.1

Phorate 0.05

Phosalone 0.5

Phosphamidon 0.05

Pyrethrin 0.5

Quinalphos 0.01

Quintozen 0.01

aThe limits mentioned against the first 10 pesticides are specific for spices and the remaining are the general limits for all plant foods.

are rated as potent carcinogens. Inadequate and unhygienic drying leads to the growth of these fungi on the spice. Aflatoxins in spices are generally classified into four—B1, B2, G1, and G2. B1 and B2 are produced by A. flavus, whereas G1 and G2 are produced by A. parasticus. Of these, B1 is the most virulent carcinogen and has received the most attention.

The tolerance limits for aflatoxins under German law (Spices Board, 2002) as well as EC Regulation (Commission of the European Communities, 2002) are given in Table 11.6.

Trace Metals

Levels of trace metals are also considered as a quality criterion for spices. Maximum limits for various trace metals in ginger (powder) under Japanese specifications are listed in Table 11.7 (Spices Board, 2002).

Table 11.6 Tolerance levels for aflatoxins in spices

Aflatoxin Limit, ppb max

Table 11.6 Tolerance levels for aflatoxins in spices

Aflatoxin Limit, ppb max

a. German law:


+ b2

+ Gi

+ g2

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