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Source: Madan (1999).

Source: Madan (1999).

World Scenario

As ginger is mainly used as a spice and condiment, its per capita consumption is not high enough to sustain its world level production with the growing number of new producing countries taking recourse to international trade in ginger. However, the market information indicates that there is a "hot trend" in the U.S. market, that is, an increasing demand for spices like chilies, ginger, and black pepper. There is also a growing demand for ginger and ginger products worldwide. A recent development noted in ginger trade has been the increasing use of ginger oils and oleoresins and powdered and processed ginger in major importing countries, especially in Europe and the United States.

Main Suppliers

Major exporters of dry ginger are India and China. Among the other exporting countries are Indonesia, Brazil, Sierra Leone, Australia, Fiji, Nigeria, and Jamaica. Indonesia, Taiwan, China, and Thailand are major exporters of fresh ginger to the world market. Others are Brazil, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Fiji, India, Nicaragua, and certain Caribbean islands such as St. Lucia and St. Vincent. Important suppliers of preserved ginger are Hong Kong, which reexports the refined fresh ginger, and Australia (ITC, 1995).

In order to analyze the issues related to the export and import trades, the study has distinguished two groups of countries:

1. Producer-exporters (countries engaged in cultivation of ginger and usually exporting the surplus over domestic consumption; occasionally, however, they may import ginger as well from some other countries).

2. Re-exporters

The relative contribution of the above two groups is given in Table 12.9.

Table 12.9 Percentage share of different groups in total world export of ginger



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