• Assistance for establishing and strengthening in-house quality laboratories for testing various quality parameters

• Assistance for new product/end-use development

• Assistance for improved packaging

• Assistance for undertaking sale promotional tours and participation in international fairs

• Support for promoting branded consumer-packed ginger in identified markets abroad

• Support for organic certification for processing of ginger derivatives Imports

In fact in the international market major importers of ginger are the United States, Japan, and the United Kingdom, where an increase in imports in terms of volume and value has been recorded over the years. These countries are importing mainly from China and Thailand (ITC, 1995).

Japan accounted for the major share (58.74%) of imported ginger during 1995, followed by the United States (9.93%), Hong Kong (7.62%), Singapore (5.16%), Saudi Arabia (4.37%), the United Kingdom (4.36%), Canada (2.39%), the Netherlands (1.93%), Germany (1.25), Malaysia (0.78%), and the rest by others including India (Table 12.17). The trend in import of ginger among the countries has remained the same with little change until 2000. During 2000, Japan accounted for a 57.68% share

Table 12.11 Ginger imports by major importing countries (1995 and 2000) (Q: tons, V: US $'000)

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