value (57.41%) and unit price (29.15%). The above instability index was a close approximation of the average year-to-year percentage variation adjusted for trend.

Composition of Indian Exports: As far as the itemwise export of ginger from India is concerned, there has been a marked improvement in recent years. More than half of the total export value is earned by dry ginger, which accounts for 30.16 percent in terms of quantity (Table 12.14). Fresh ginger, though, accounts for 66.65% of the total quantity exported; in terms of value, the percentage share is only 24.67. Ginger oil and oleoresin are the other products exported that have returned a high value. As in the case of reexporting countries, especially the EU countries, India has the potential to strengthen the processing industry to add more value-added products into its export basket

India exports a sizeable quantity of fresh ginger through the land custom stations in the northeastern states to Bangladesh. Although this export channel provides an opportunity to market the exportable surplus across the border at a reasonable price, whenever

Table 12.14 Contents of Indian Export basket (1990-91 to 1999-2000 Average)

% share in total

Table 12.14 Contents of Indian Export basket (1990-91 to 1999-2000 Average)

% share in total


Quantity (Mt)

Value (Rs. lakhs)

Unit price (Rs./kg)



Ginger, dry



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