at the national level revealed that the national average productivity remains at 2,421 kg/ha of dry rhizome; progressive farmers have produced a yield up to 5,500 kg/ha, whereas in research stations it is 8,250 kg/ha. The average productivity reported from the Philippines is 7,470 kg/ha (Sivaraman and Peter, 1999). In China reports indicated a fresh ginger yield of 60 to 70 tons in well-maintained fields. Xianchang et al. (1995) reported a yield level of 70.7 tons of fresh ginger under black film mulch. Under the recommended fertilizer levels, Chinese reports indicated a yield level of over 48 t/ha. A combination of fertilizer, irrigation, black film mulch, plant protection, and cultural operations can surely push up the yield level to 75 t/ha or more.

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Aromatherapy Ambiance

Aromatherapy Ambiance

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