Source: IISR Annual report, 1994-1995.

Source: IISR Annual report, 1994-1995.

In another trial for increasing the rhizome size, 15 bold rhizome accessions short listed from the germplasm were tested in multilocation plots (Table 2.25). Based on the overall superior performance, accessions 35 and 107 were selected, multiplied, and released for cultivation under the names IISR Rejatha, and IISR Mahima, respectively (Sasikumar et al. 2003) (Figure 2.15).

Clonal selection programs for crop improvement were carried out at the High Altitude Research Station in Potangi, Orissa, and at the Department of Vegetable Crops at the Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry in Solan (Himachal Pradesh). The former came out with the selections, Suprabha, and Suravi and the latter with the selection, Himgiri.

Mutation Breeding

Ginger is not amenable to any conventional recombination breeding programs due to its sterility. Induction of variability through mutations, chemical mutagens, ionizing radiations, and tissue culture (somaclonal variations) has been tried by a few workers (Gonzalez et al., 1969; Raju et al., 1980; Giridharan, 1984; Jayachandran, 1989; Mohanty and Panda, 1991; Nirmal Babu, 1997). The general scheme for a mutation

Table 2.24 Yield, dry recovery, and quality of promising ginger accessions at IISR

Accession no.

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