Figure 12.5 Trend in production and export of ginger from India.

• The physical volume of exports has increased by approximately 2.96% annually, whereas the annual growth in value terms works out to be approximately 10%. The annual growth in the unit price realization over this period works out to be around 6.9%.

• At a decadal disaggregated level, however, the performance of exports of ginger from India does not look encouraging. There is a steady decline in unit value realization from ginger exports. During the 1960s, the unit value realization grew at an annual rate of more than 19%, despite the fact that there was a negative growth in the physical volume of exports. The growth in the physical volume of exports picked up considerably during the 1970s, although at the

Table 12.11 Export of ginger from India (1970-2000)


Qty (tons)

Growth index

Value (Rs. in lakhs)

Growth index

Except as % to total production

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