cost of a decline in the growth in unit value realization. The 1980s witnessed a fall in the growth rate of both of these attributes. During the first half of the 1990s, however, we again observed a spurt in the growth of physical exports, accompanied by an almost stagnant unit value realization, in spite of considerable devaluation of the Indian rupee over this period (Table 12.12).

Export Instability: In order to estimate the observed instability in ginger exports in terms of quantity, value, and price, an instability analysis was done using the time series data, and the results are presented in Table 12.13. It can be observed from the table that there was instability in the case of volume, value and unit value of ginger exports and the instability was relatively higher in the case of volume (72.91%) compared to

Table 12.12 Average annual growth rates in Indian export performance in ginger (1960—1996)




Unit value

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