World Trade Distribution Channels

Specialized importers still play an important role in the ginger trade. A list of importers can be obtained from the International Trade Centre (ITC).

Dry Ginger

The traditional distribution system for dry ginger has declined as a result of an increase of purchasing by dealers and processors direct from the source. There also has been an increase in trade in some countries among certain ethnic communities, Asian in particular, who have developed their own system of distribution based on direct trading with the producing countries and a network of small retail outlets.

Fresh and Preserved Ginger

The marketing structure for fresh and preserved ginger is that characteristic of fresh vegetables. The rise of supermarket chains has eroded the position of wholesalers since some importers sell direct to supermarkets. In some importing countries, however, ginger in its fresh form is seen almost exclusively in shops catering to ethnic communities.


During 1994, China contributed 52.05% of total ginger export, followed by Thailand (16.77%), Indonesia (9.73%), Brazil (6.24%), Taiwan (3%), Costa Rica (2.23%), India (1.98%), Nigeria (1.61%), Vietnam (1.37%), Malaysia (1.36%), and the United States (0.93%). China and Thailand maintained top positions until end of 2000; during 2000, China contributed 61.59%, followed by Thailand 23%, Brazil 4.41%, Taiwan 2%, Nigeria 1.75%, Indonesia 1.46%, and India 1.17% of the total exports of ginger (Figure 12.4).

Ginger exports from Jamaica and Sierra Leone are considered to be of high quality on account of their superior flavor and clean appearance. However, the price of Jamaican ginger is very high, which has led importers to search for cheaper alternatives. Today, the ginger from Australia is regarded as being high-quality due to its standardized and clean appearance and its steady price. Grinders have favored the ginger from China, but

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