Identification of Promising Lines

A few promising lines with regard to yield, disease resistance, and other quality attributes could be identified from the tissue-cultured plantlets (see Table 4.4). Somaclones MP 61-9, CR 10-1, CR 816, and CR 822 showed comparatively lower disease incidence (Pythium infection) and also high per plant fresh rhizome yield of 870, 367, 373, and 358 g, respectively. Somaclone 855 with a fresh rhizome yield of 472 g per plant showed comparatively lower disease incidence against both P. aphanidermatum and R. solanacearum. Somaclones MP 74-15 and CR 1222 were also high yielders with 780 and 600 g of fresh rhizomes per plant, respectively. Somaclone, MP 74-15 with a fresh rhizome yield of 780 g and CR 818 with a fresh rhizome yield of 398 g also have bold rhizomes. In addition, the rhizomes of CR 1222 were attractive with extrabold fingers (Figure 4.2D), which was latter found to be a polyploid. Based on biochemical assays, somaclones CR 818 (3.6 percent) and MP 49-7, MP 70-4, MP 97, and CR 10-1 (all with 3.8 percent) were identified as low-fiber types, which is a preferred character.

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