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In spite of the research efforts, productivity of ginger remains low in countries like India and Nigeria. The gap existing between the national productivity level of, say India, and that of the productivity reported in China is vast—3.8 t/ha and 70 t/ha, respectively. Many constraints are limiting the production and productivity of ginger, chief among them being the diseases caused by fungi and bacteria and various insect pests. Many of the producing countries have no product development programs based on ginger. On the other hand, countries like Australia, Thailand, Japan, and China have a large number of ginger-based products. The Buderim Ginger Company in Queensland, Australia, produces more than 100 ginger products. A dynamic product development agenda is essential for any producing country to offset the frequent price fall of the raw and dried ginger. Moreover, a network of small-scale industries involved in the manufacture of ginger products will ensure a good farm price for the product and help in the growth of ginger production.

Ginger will continue to be used worldwide in a vast variety of dishes, and will remain as the only spice used widely for the preparation of an array of sweetmeats. Ginger is also the only spice widely used in the manufacture of soft drinks. No doubt the importance of ginger can hardly decline in the future. However, due to overproduction or underproduction, the market prices can fluctuate widely, with the consequent impact being felt in the production and earning figures of the producing countries.

It is also necessary that the producing and consuming countries join hands in alleviating the serious constraints facing ginger production. Such a global effort will have much beneficial fallout in many areas of ginger production and utilization, thereby helping eventually in the growth in production, productivity, and utilization and finally to a healthy, prosperous global ginger economy.

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