In all other cultivars

Source: Ratnambal (1979).

Source: Ratnambal (1979).

region to region and between countries. The karyotype of the cultivars remained relatively asymmetrical because of the lack of recombination and evolution by sexual processes.

Ratnamabal (1979) investigated the cytology of three species that are closely related to ginger. In Z. zerumbet the total chromatin length in the haploid compliment was 25.6 ^m. The absolute length of individual chromosomes ranges from 2.9 to 1.6 ^m. Six of 11 chromosomes have median centromeres and the remaining have submedian centromeres. Four chromosomes are long, four medium, and three short. The third chromosome with a median centromere has a satellite attached to its long arm. In Z.

Table 2.5 Grouping of ginger cultivars based on D2 analysis of karyotype data


Cultivars in the group

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