Figure 11.4 A. Flavor profile of commercial ginger oil. B. Flavor profile of laboratory ginger oil. O.Q = overall quality similar except for the lower citral content and higher amounts of high-boiling compounds in the commercial oil. However, the intensity of aromatic components in the profile of the commercial sample are all very low except the woody/rooty note and the defective medicinal/musty notes. The overall quality score of the commercial oil is only 3.8, whereas the laboratory-distilled oil secured a score of 6.7.

Oil of Green (Fresh) Ginger

Essential oil can also be distilled from fresh ginger. When ginger is dried, numerous complex chemical changes take place within the tissues and the freshness of the spice is lost. Oil from fresh ginger retains the true aroma of the fresh spice and finds application in delicate flavor and perfumery formulations. An analysis of oil prepared from green ginger is given in Table 11.20 (Natarajan et al., 1970).

Ginger Oil from Scrapings

The ginger scrapings, normally thrown away by the farmers, also can be utilized for the recovery of oil (Moudgill, 1928; Varier, 1945; Natarajan and Lewis, 1980). Moudgill and Varier obtained 0.9 percent and 0.8 percent oil, respectively, from air-dried scrapings of Cochin ginger. The properties of these oils are given in Table 11.21. The oil contains all major components present in normal ginger oil. However, the odor of the oil is heavy and earthy and the color is darker

Characteristics of Ginger Oil

Ginger oil possesses the following characteristics that make it a better substitute for the raw spice in a number of applications (Balakrishnan, 1991):

• Represents the true aroma of the spice

• Does not impart color to the end product

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