The editors express their deep gratitude to all the chapter contributors to this monograph who found time to collaborate in its production. We are especially thankful to Prof. G. Vernin and Prof. G. Parkayni for preparing a magnificent chapter on the chemistry of ginger and to Prof. Ikuko Kimura and his colleagues for authoring the excellent chapter on the pharmacology of ginger. In spite of their manifold activities, they had the magnanimity of cooperating with us in the production of this first-ever monograph on ginger. We salute them in gratitude.

The editors are grateful to Prof. Roland Hardman, General Editor of the series Medicinal and Aromatic Plants: Industrial profiles, for commissioning us to edit this volume and for his constant help during its production. He helped by providing us with updates of literature searches and with valuable advice.

We are extremely grateful to Geetha S. Pillai and Minoo Divakaran for their devoted and committed help at every stage in the preparation of this volume. We are also thankful to many friends and colleagues who helped us during the preparation of this volume. Among them Mr. K.V. Thushar and Mr. Satheesh George deserve special mention. Dr Remashree helped us with some of the drawings included in the second chapter, for which we are very thankful to her.

In the preparation of this volume, especially that of the chapter on botany and crop improvement, we made use of the published information from diverse sources and by many authors, of course with full citation. Some of them are not with us now, but their contributions will continue to be remembered and studied by the students through this book for many a decade to come. We acknowledge with gratitude all these workers and salute them in reverence.

We place on record our appreciation to Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottackal, for permitting the senior editor to undertake the editing of this important monograph.

We have sincere appreciation to the publishers Taylor & Francis, London, and the CRC Press, Boca Raton, Florida, for giving us this opportunity to edit this first-ever monograph on ginger.

We are much indebted to the members of our families whose help, understanding, and love sustained us during the arduous work that we had to put forth during the preparation of this book. We thank all our well wishers and all those who helped us in the preparation of this book.

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