Mycology Series



Department of Cell and Molecular Biology Tulane University New Orleans, Louisiana

Founding Editor

Paul A. Lemke

1 Viruses and Plasmids in Fungi, edited by Paul A. Lemke

2 The Fungal Community Its Organization and Role in the Ecosystem, edited by Donald T Wicklow and George C Carroll

3. Fungi Pathogenic for Humans and Animals (in three parts), edited by Dexter H Howard

4 Fungal Differentiation A Contemporary Synthesis, edited by John E. Smith

5 Secondary Metabolism and Differentiation in Fungi, edited by Joan W Bennett and Alex Ciegler

6 Fungal Protoplasts, edited by John F Peberdy and Lajos Ferenczy

7 Viruses of Fungi and Simple Eukaryotes, edited by Yigal Koltin and Michael J Leibowitz

8 Molecular Industrial Mycology: Systems and Applications for Filamentous Fungi, edited by Sally A Leong and Randy M Berka

9 The Fungal Community Its Organization and Role in the Ecosystem, Second Edition, edited by George C. Carroll and Donald T Wicklow

10 Stress Tolerance of Fungi, edited by D H Jennings

11 Metal Ions in Fungi, edited by Gunther Winkelmann and Dennis R Winge

12 Anaerobic Fungi Biology, Ecology, and Function, edited by Douglas O Mountfort and Colin G Orpin

13 Fungal Genetics Principles and Practice, edited by Cees J Bos

14 Fungal Pathogenesis. Principles and Clinical Applications, edited by Richard A Calderone and Ronald L Cihlar

15 Molecular Biology of Fungal Development, edited by Heinz D Osie-wacz

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