Nepovirus Diseases

A discussion of diseases caused by nepoviruses can be confusing because the same or closely related strains of a virus can cause different diseases in different hosts. For example, stone fruit diseases including Prunus stem pitting (PSP), prune brown line (PBL), Stanley constriction and decline (SCAD), and yellow bud mosaic virus

(YBMV) are all caused by strains of TmRSV. The same virus also causes apple union necrosis and decline (AUND) (Figure N1.2). Similarly, CRLV causes cherry rasp leaf disease in cherry and flat apple disease in apple. Strawberry latent ringspot virus is a problem in apricot, but the disease is more severe if the tree is simultaneously infected with other viruses, such as necrotic ringspot virus (NRSV). Some nepoviruses, such as TmRSV, are lethal, while others cause decline and reduce the yield and quality of fruit until a fruit tree is worthless. The tomato ringspot virus is perhaps the most widespread and economically important nepovirus on stone fruit throughout North and South America.

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