Desmond O'Rourke

Marketing is a key activity for any commercial fruit enterprise. It involves both successfully transferring the product from the producer to a distant consumer and ensuring the flow of payment for the product back to the producer. While activities in the orchard or packing shed can influence successful marketing, most producers are dependent on a wide array of intermediaries to carry out other marketing functions. However, producers must bear the ultimate responsibility for choosing and monitoring those marketing agencies and for seeing that the consumer is satisfied and their own work is adequately rewarded. The competition for the consumer's favor is unrelenting from other fruit, other produce items, and other food and beverage offerings.

A number of frameworks can be used to analyze the marketing system for a particular product. In the case of temperate zone tree fruit, one common approach is to examine the key agents involved in the marketing system. A second is to analyze the key functions performed. Given the dynamic nature of the fruit marketing system, each approach brings a different light to bear on marketing challenges and business opportunities.

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