List of Tables

D2.1 Definitions and examples of three fundamental forms of plant dormancy 58

N2.1 Nutritional compositions of temperate tree fruit 186

N2.2 Select minerals, vitamins, and phenols in temperate tree fruit 187

N2.3 Variation in content of select individual phenolic compounds in some apple cultivars 191

P2.1 Postharvest physiological disorders of apples, pears, peaches, nectarines, plums, and cherries and major effecting factors 221

P3.1 A listing of the commonly used plant growth regulators for chemical thinning of pome fruit and some benefits and weaknesses of each 238

P3.2 Potential time of thinning for stone fruit crops, materials used, and their strengths and weaknesses 239

R1.1 Examples of tree fruit crops for which scion cultivars are commonly grafted onto rootstocks 290

S3.1 Physical properties and storage considerations for temperate fruit 312

T2.1 Influence of pruning severity on growth of 'Delicious'

apple trees 341

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