Insects andiiites

Tracy C. Leskey

The most important pests of stone and pome fruit are persistent and cause serious economic damage annually if they are not controlled. They belong to two classes found within the phylum Arthro-poda, Insecta (insects) and Arachnida (mites). These pests can be divided into two categories, direct and indirect pests. Direct pests attack fruit and fruit buds, causing immediate injury. In some cases, damage is cosmetic, not affecting nutritional value or flavor, but diminishing aesthetic quality for marketing purposes. Indirect pests attack foliage, roots, limbs, or other woody tissues, leading to problems such as reduced tree vigor, fruit size, and/or quality and susceptibility to opportunistic secondary infections. Each growing region is prone to injury from a unique complex of pests. The pest species and groups described here are those considered to be of greatest concern on a global scale.

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