Expolinear Growth Pattern

A pattern of growth similar to the sigmoid pattern is called the "expolinear" pattern of growth (see weight curves in Figure F3.2). This pattern shows an early exponential curvilinear phase during cell division similar to the sigmoid pattern. However, the cell expansion phase is linear for the rest of the season. Thus, the combination of exponential and linear phases led to the name "expolinear." If apple fruit are allowed to grow with no significant limitations (i.e., with few competing fruit on a healthy tree), the fresh and dry weight growth of apples is expolinear. This pattern is also seen in Japanese or Nashi pears. Many times growth is not linear all the way to harvest (e.g., if there is heavy competition from other fruit or a limiting environment, such as cool temperatures or shorter days that cause a slowing of growth late in the season).

Stone Fruit

Stone Fruit

Percent of Growing Season

FIGURE F3.3. General seasonal pattern of diameter and fresh and dry weight growth of stone fruit as percent of final harvest value. Note that the midseason decline in growth is not as pronounced for dry weight as it is for diameter or fresh weight.

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