Color of regular applesauce should be bright, uniform, and typical of the cultivar(s) used with no discoloration due to oxidation or scorching. Consistency or flow of sauce should not exceed 6.5 centimeters, and free liquid should not be more than 0.7 centimeters, as measured using standard USDA flow charts. Sauce should be relatively free from defects, including dark stamens (not more than three), seed particles, discolored apple particles, carpel tissue (not more than 0.5 square centimeters), and medium- and dark-colored particles (not to exceed 0.25 square centimeters). Finish or graininess should be evenly divided and not be lumpy, pasty, or salvy. Sauce flavor should be tart to sweet and free from astringency. In grading applesauce, each of the previous criteria is given a score ranging from 18 to 20. For the sauce to be graded "A," the total score received should be at least 90. Scores between 80 and 90 would make the sauce of "B"-grade quality.

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