Apple Slices

Color is one of the important quality parameters for slices. For "A" classification, apples with good color that is uniformly bright both internally and externally and characteristic of the cultivar are given a score of 17 to 20 points. Size should be uniform to obtain a score between 17 and 20 points. This requires that at least 90 percent of the drained weight of the product consists of whole or practically whole slices. Canned slices that are practically free from defects may be given 17 to 20 points. This means that any extraneous matter present does not materially affect the appearance or eating quality of the slices. Finally, slices that possess a good character are assigned a score of 34 to 40 points. Good character implies that the slices possess a reasonably tender texture and have less than 5 percent mushy apples.

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