Apple Slice Production

Firm apple texture is a prerequisite for high-quality processed slices. Unlike applesauce, only one cultivar is used at a time for packing apple slices. 'York Imperial', 'Rome', 'Golden Delicious', 'Fuji', and 'Granny Smith' are good cultivars for slice production. All operations up to peeling are identical to applesauce production as discussed earlier. At the peelers, in addition to peeling and coring, apples are sliced using eight to 12 cuts, depending on fruit size and slice size desired. Slices are then flumed in an antioxidant solution to prevent browning and run over a shaker screen to remove fines and other small pieces. Slices with defects, including deep bruises, scab, or attached peels are inspected out. Slices are next retorted and blanched to remove the air and are partially cooked with steam. Blanched slices are placed in a container with syrup or water and sealed using a closing machine or a seamer. Closing temperature should be at least 76.5°C. Cans are cooked to maintain a center can temperature of 82°C. Cans are then cooled to a maximum of 56.7°C and subsequently labeled and cased as described under applesauce.

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