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In Memoriam Clarence A Bud Ryan

Bud Ryan left us on October 7th, 2007. His sudden passing away is felt deeply by his family and friends. Bud has left us with a flourishing field of research but we must now continue along this road without him. Throughout his long career Bud gave the community many startling insights into nature. One of the first milestones in the long and unerring path to reveal the invisible secrets of the plant defense mechanism was the discovery, published in 1972, of wound-inducible proteinase inhibitors in potato. Much of Bud's career was spent finding out how these proteins functioned in defense, how they were made, and how their genes were regulated. Constantly incorporating new ideas and technologies, Bud and his collaborators brought to light the first peptide hormone in plants (systemin) and found that jasmonates regulate proteinase inhibitor gene expression. These and other achievements initiated much if not most of the ongoing work in trying to understand the wound response in plants....

Hooker Joseph Dalton

Hooker is also known for his close friendship with the most famous naturalist of his day, Charles Darwin (1809-1882). In fact, Darwin trusted Hooker enough to confide his radical new theory of descent with modification by means of natural selection (later called evolution by means of natural selection) in 1844, some fifteen years before Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species (1859). Although Hooker knew of this theory well in advance of its publication, he was not convinced of its importance until his own observations of the distribution of plants were completed. Darwin and Hooker remained close friends until Darwin's death. Hooker led a long and productive life and was knighted in 1877. He died in Sunningdale, England, in 1911. see also Biogeography Botanical Gardens and Arboreta Curator of a Botanical Garden Darwin, Charles Taxonomist Taxonomy.


Though I was primarily a mom, not a weed scientist, during my time in Chicago, I enjoyed the friendship of many thoughtful moms in Hyde Park, the small town within the city where, it is aptly said, one can neither hide nor park. I have written this with these families in mind people who question everything that might influence their children, from religion to schools to pets to jobs to parks to toys and books. During this time, Joy Bergelson offered me a chance to teach urban college students about agriculture. That subject and audience, that balance of life and work, suited me well for more than two years, and I'm not sure I ever thanked her.

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