Eucalyptus subgen. Monocalyptus, Symphyomyrtus, Bacchus Marsh, Vic.; Symplocaceae, Asteraceae

Contact with South-East Asia

Nothofagas less common; 2 major eucalypt lineages at Warrumbungle; NSW; Oleaceae, Lauraceae

Bass Strait formed

Acacia established in eastern Australia; Eucalyptus spathulata pollen in Victoria

Shallow seas in south

Acacia established in western Australia; Cupaniaceae, Santalaceae

Commencement of pediplanation

Myrtaceae, Bombacaceae, Euphorbiaceae

Laterisation; cool temperate rainforests in the SE; extinction of dinosaurs, ammonites

Eucalypt-type pollen; Banksia, Casuarina, Olacaceae

Most of Australia thickly forested including rainforest in many parts

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