Nutrient Concentration And Volume Of The Medium

Most micropropagators and/or tissue culturists are concerned with the optimal strength of the medium and the optimal concentration of each medium component without regard for the medium volume per vessel and/or the number of explants per vessel and plantlet size. Figure 2 shows concentrations of some inorganic ions over time during the 24 d culture period, as affected by the culture volume per vessel and the strength of MS medium. As shown in Figure 2, change in concentration over time is significantly affected by the medium volume, even when the initial concentrations are the same. This means that the growth and development of cultures depend upon both the amount of ions per vessel or per plantlet and the concentration of ions. More attention should be paid to the total amount of ions rather than concentration when the medium volume is small. The same applies for sugar and other organic substances in the medium. When the medium volume is small, amount of a nutrient in the medium, not its concentration, determines the growth of plantlets in vitro.

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