1 US$ = 8.3 CNY (Chinese Yuan), as of 2001. Wh (Watt-hour): 3600 Joule

1 US$ = 8.3 CNY (Chinese Yuan), as of 2001. Wh (Watt-hour): 3600 Joule

10. Commercial Application 8. CONCLUSIONS

In comparison with plantlets produced by the conventional micropropagation system using small vessels with sugar-containing medium, plantlets produced by the photoautotrophic micropropagation system using large vessels with sugar-free medium resulted in better growth, lower percent loss due to contamination, higher quality, higher percent survival ex vitro, and lower production costs. Therefore, the photoautotrophic micropropagation system has advantages over the conventional micropropagation system for commercial production of calla lily plantlets and China fir plantlets with respect to production costs and sales price. This system should be useful for commercial production of micropropagated plantlets of other plant species.

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