Light 22 C/Dark 19 C

Figure 16. Growth of Cabbage (cv. Kinkei 201) transplants grown for 13 days in the closed system are greater with increasing the light period from 12 h d1 to 20 h d-1.

Figure 17. Cabbage (cv. Kinkei 201) transplants grown for 13 days after sowing in the closed system using the 128-, 200—and 288-cel trays. There were not much differences in growth among the treatments.

2) The planting density per tray area can be about 2 times, as described previously. The physical and physiological reasons for this statement will be given in a later section.

3) The production period can be reduced by about 30%, mainly due to the promotion of photosynthesis by CO2 enrichment at 800-1,000 ^mol mol-1, and control of horizontal air current over and within the transplant canopy under an optimal combination of temperature, PPF and soil-plant water relations.

4) Annual operation rate of the closed system is increased by 20% due to the shortened production period even in summer and inter.

5) Percentage of salable plants and/or sales price can increase by about 10% due to their high quality and uniform growth.

Thus, the total increase in yearly productivity per floor is higher than 7-11 folds

(=2.5 x 2.0 x 1.1 x 1.3 x 1.2x1.1), with the average of 10.


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