Commercialized Photoautotrophic Micropropagation System Using Large Vessels With Forced Ventilation


1. Introduction

2. Pam (photoautotrophic micropropagation) system

2.1. System Configuration

2.2. Multi-shelf unit

2.3. Culture vessel unit

2.4. Forced ventilation unit for supplying CO2-enriched air

2.5. Lighting unit

2.6. Sterilization

3. Methods of analysis

3.1. Calla lily plantlet growth

3.2. China fir plantlet growth

3.3. Percent survival during the acclimatization ex vitro

3.4. Production cost of calla lily plantlets: A case study

4. Calla lily plantlet growth

5. China fir plantlet growth

6. Percent survival during acclimatization ex vitro

7. Production cost of calla lily plantlets: a case study

7.1. Production cost per acclimatized plantlet

7.2. Cost, labor time and electricity consumption for in vitro multiplication or rooting

7.3. Sales price of in vitro and ex vitro acclimatized plantlets

8. Conclusions

9. References

Key words: Calla lily, china fir, CO2 enrichment, forced ventilation, photoautotrophic micropropagation, production cost, sugar-free.

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