Preface to the Series vii

Contributors ix

Introduction 1

Ian Southwell

1 Behind the Names: The Botany of Tea Tree, Cajuput and Niaouli 11 Lyn A.Craven

2 Tea Tree Constituents 29 Ian Southwell

3 Cultivation of Tea Tree 63 Robert T.Colton and G.John Murtagh

4 Weed Management in Tea Tree Plantations 81 John G.Virtue

5 Insect Pests of Tea Tree: Can Plantation Pests be Managed? 97 A.J.Campbell and C.D.A.Maddox

6 Biomass and Oil Production of Tea Tree 109 GJohn Murtagh

7 Tea Tree Breeding 135 Gary Baker

8 Tea Tree Oil Distillation 155 Geoffrey R.Davis

9 Biological Activity of Tea Tree Oil 169 Julie L.Markham

10 Toxicology of Tea Tree Oil 191 Michael Russell

11 Tea Tree Oil in Cosmeceuticals: From Head to Toe 203

Don Priest v

12 Formulating for Effect 207 James S.Rowe

13 Tea Tree Oil Marketing Trends 213 Richard L.Davis

14 Cajuput Oil 221 John C.Doran

15 Melaleuca quinquenervia (Cavanilles) S.T.Blake, Niaouli 237 B.Trilles, S.BourĂ¯ma-Madjebi and G.Valet

16 Potentially Commercial Melaleucas 247 Joseph J.Brophy

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