Results of nursery and field research in Canada

Most ectomycorrhizal inoculation has concentrated on species of Pinus, Picea and Larix grown in containers. Strains of Laccaria laccata, Hebeloma cylindrosporum, Cenococcum geophilum, Tt and Pt have been grown vegetatively in solid and liquid substrate inoculum (Langlois and Gagnon, 1988).

Ectomycorrhizal inoculation in Canada is still in the experimental or developmental stage (Le Tacon et al., 1988). The following points emerge from container-grown seedling research: (1) when a mixture of fungi is applied in solid inoculum only one fungus successfully colonizes the seedlings' roots; (2) the fertility of the substrate and the nutritional regimes applied influence ectomycorrhiza formation; (3) solid or liquid inoculum can be used with success at sowing; and (4) liquid inoculum injected in container cavities of 6- and 10-week-old seedlings after sowing produces abundant ectomycorrhiza.

Through 1992 the plans are to field test planting stock inoculated with commercially produced liquid inoculum (Rhizotec Laboratories, Inc., Laval University, Quebec, Canada). The objectives are to install plantations on different sites having diverse ecological conditions in order to determine the profitability of producing and planting artificially inoculated planting stock.

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