Voucher collections

Voucher collections of ectomycorrhiza have an additional value. From a number of collections, a single reference specimen (Agerer, 1987b) should be selected for each species of ectomycorrhiza, regardless of whether the identity of the fungus is known or not. That collection should be quoted as the reference specimen on which the descriptions were mainly based, and which is typical in all features of the comprehensively described ectomycorrhiza. Reference specimens of ectomycorrhiza have the same significance as type specimens of plants and fungal fruit bodies. They should always be referred to if difficulties arise in the examination of the species. This is especially important for unidentified ectomycorrhiza. A few examples of reference specimens are given below:

Piceirhiza gelatinosa (on Picea abies): reference specimen (cf. Gronbach and Agerer, 1986): Deutschland, Bayern, Lkr. Aichach, Hóglwald between Odelzhausen and Mering, Plot AI 23.10.1984, Herb. E. Gronbach (in M).

Russula ochroleuca (on Picea abies): reference specimen of Russula ochroleuca on Picea (cf. Agerer, 1986b): Deutschland, Bayern, between Odelzhausen and Mering, in Höglwald, 19.9.1984, Herb. RA 10705 (in M).

Russula ochroleuca (on Fagus sylvatica): reference specimen of Russula ochroleuca on Fagus (cf. Brand, 1991): Deutschland, Baden-Württemberg, Staatswald Rittnert bei Karlsruhe, Buchenwald mit lehmiger Parabraunerde über Löß; fruit body in Herb. F. Brand FB237, ectomy-corrhiza FBM51 (in M).

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