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The Effect of 7 Days of Simultaneous Administration of Dietary Melatonin3 + E. Purpureab on Hemopoietic Cell Lineages of Spleen and Bone Marrow



Bone marrow

Nucleated Erythroids

Mature Granulocytes

Precursor Granulocytes (x106)

Lymphocytes (x106)

Monocytes/Macrophages (x106)

a Melatonin given in the ground chow as 14.2 mg/mouse/day. b E. purpurea given in the ground chow as 0.45 mg/mouse/day.

c Determined from differential counts of 2,000 total nucleated cells/organ (enumerated by means of an electronic cell counter) and converted to absolute numbers of cells in each morphologically identifiable lineage. d Mean ± standard error: 9 to 10 mice.


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