undeca-2Z-ene-8,10-dienoic acid isobutylamide Alkylamide 13

dodeca-2E-ene-8,10-dienoic acid isobutylamide Alkylamide 14

r dodeca-2E,4Z,10Z-trien-8-dienoic acid isobutylamide Alkylamide 15

undeca-2Z-ene-8,10-dienoic acid 2-methylbutylamide Alkylamide 16

== = s/s/vA, dodeca-2£-ene-8,10-dienoic acid 2-methylbutylamide Alkylamide 17

pentadeca-2£9Z-diene-12,14-dienoic acid isobutylamide Alkylamide 18

hexadeca-2£,9Z-diene-12,14-dienoicacid isobutylamide Alkylamide 19

FIGURE 7.1 Alkamides.

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