Experiment 4 Use of a Bucket Auger Materials and equipments required

Stainless steel soil auger (7 cm diameter bucket); soil auger extensions prelabelled in 14 cm increments (enough to reach desired sampling depth); soil auger handle; 9 cm diameter heavy walled PVC sleeve cut into 10 cm length (1 or more); rubber mallet (1 or more); 5 x 10 cm wood sheet cut into 2.3 cm length (1 or

Figure 4 Soil sampling with a bucket auger.

more); 40 x 50 cm plastic bags (1 per sample); 5 gallon plastic buckets with handles, filled with clean water; 5 gallon bucket filled with soapy water; water sprayer; wash brushes; double distilled water; isopropyl alcohol; 500 mL wash bottle; disposable gloves; plastic bags (label containers or plastic bags before soil sampling; record date, location, number and depth of each soil sample).

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