Photographic Credits

All the ph<»io£r:i|}h\ in I his book were taken by Piet van Wyk wiib the exception of those listed below BO = Bemie Olbricfc BVW = Braam van Wyk; CNC = Cape Nature Conservation: DJ = David Johnson;

DR » Dave Richardson: EVJ ■ Ernst van Jaarsvekk GD = Gerhard! Dneyer: GN * Geoff Nidioh;

JC - Isabella Clausen; JO = Jo Onderctalli LH = Lesley Henderson: LVH - Latz von HOrsten;

MCP = Meg Coate* Palgrave; NBI = National Botanical Institute: ND = Nigel Dennis; NH = Norbcrt Halm: PJ = Pitta Joffc; KW = Rosemary Williams; SIL « Struik linage Library: MN = Stefan Neser; WM = Wayne Matthews: Title page LVH; Contents page, bottom pbotogriiph LVH; Pa^e 35 bottom right RW; 45 lop kit GD/SfU bottom right NIL 47 centre left NBI: 49 centre right and bottom centre BVW; 51 bottom righf BVW; 55 (op left JO. lop right EVJ, 59 lop left, centre right and bottom MCP. centre left 1C, lop right NBI: 65 top left DR, top right, centre left bottom left, bottom centre BO; 67 top right CNC; M bottom left LH; bottom left BVW; 93 centre, centre n^hi DJ; 93 bottom left WM, bottom rigbi GN; 113 top left and csntrc left BVW; 123 tctnre left BVW, 129 top ccmrc NBI; 133 bottom centre BVW; 137 bottom right BVW; 143 bottom left BVW; H<) top left BVW; 157 3rd row from top. right BVW: ¡61 top right BVW.

165 fop left ND/SJL. bottom left JO, bottom riphi NH: 179 *op left EVJh 201 2nd row from top. righi BVW; 203 centre kft CNC; 205 lop rigfc centre left BVW; 215 bottom left I1VW; 231 bottom left CNC. bottom centre SN; 245 centre left BVW; 255 bottom left WM, bottom right BVW; 261 centre right BVW; 265 iop left BVW; 2M top right and bottom let* Mi bottom centre BVW; 283 bottom ritfhi BVW; 2K9 2nd row from top. n$ht BVW; 295 bottom right BVW- 291 centre right BVW; 2<*> centre BVW; 309 centre right BVW; centre nght and bottom righl BVW; 33^ centre middle; 343 centre left BVW; 349 lop left PJ/NBt; 363 fop felt, centre and right BVW: 373 top rijrht PJ/NBt;

377 centre left WM; 393 bottom »eft ^nd rijiht BVW; 411 centre left BVW; 417 3rd row from top, right BVW: 435 lop cctuic BVW; 437 bottom left BVW; 44] 2ml row from top, right BVW; 447 nip L-entrr ami lop right BVW;

453 top left BVW: 471 bottom left EVJ; 475 2nd torn from topP left BVW; 4«7 2nd row from top. centre NBL

495 bottom kft BVW; 505 bottom nght BVW: 521 all BVW

M \l»s: vegetation and Centres of endemism 8


Guide to the species accounts 13

Ki y ro I NK cHOHi-s 1 h lvAMllV 1)1 -SfHllTlONIS 1 Q Spj-f^it-A At rn[ 1 NT\ T4

Glossary qe terms S16


Quick guide to the groups Inside back cover

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