Of Southern Airica

Braam van Wyk & Piet van Wyk

SEruik Publishers la division of Nov Holland Publishing i South Africa) (Ply) Ltd) m McKettzie Street Cape Town 8001

AH ri^ht^ reserved No pan ctf ibis pybt te^ion may he reproduced» srored in a retrieval sysicm, or (ran Ami tied, in awy form or by any iwam, electronic. mechanical r^>*tv copying. recording or otherwise, without the prior wriuen permission of ii^c copyright iwrcetfs*

Copyright €> 1997 in lino drawing«: Anne Sfadler

ISBN ! 86825 922 h

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Editor; Peter Joyce Designer Dean Pollard Canogt^phcrs: John Hall ami Dean Pollard Cover design: Dean Pollard Design wiMailt Leflyn Creamer Editorial assistiini Helena Re id Proofreader; Tessa Kennedy

Finn published mi 9 10

Copyright €> 1997 jrt te*t: Braam van Wyk Copyright © 1997 in phonographs; |>iet van Wyk and individual phou^raphere and/or agents as listed below Copyright © 1 in tnaps; Braam van Wyk and

Piei van Wyk

Reproduction by emyk Prepress Printed and bound by Kytido Printing Co (S Porei Pie Lid

Front cover, main photitgrapli ; Adansithia digitate i Baobab); embellishing photographs ilefi lo right? Combrrtwn mossambicense (Knobbly creeper). Grtym sutheriandii {Natal bo* tie brushy Eryihhna caffrn (Coast coral nee), Combrenun mkuzrnse {Tonga bush willow i. f\ipf>ea capensis (Jacket -plum). Trie ft ilia trneiica (Natal mahogany). Boiumnthtis sprciosus

(Tree wi steriah Spine plurfograph- Cyphostemma currvrU (Cohasl; Half-title page; Pods seeds of Erythrina lysistrmm (Common coral tree) Title page: Aloe pilltmsii (Giant quiver tree). Contents page. *op Ararat tvrtitis, (Umbrella thorn), bottom; Ftiehypadium namaquanmn t Ha if mens tree or Elephant's trunk J. Back cover: Rhi^atmn hnrsispinosum (Short lhorn pomegranate)

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