Guide To The Species Accounts

hi this section the lay*Mil ol the main tevt is briefly explained. The species ciiines, or accounts, contain a ueaJth of information, which is presented in concise and consistent fashion. fo ^et ihe most ugi of the it is essential that you understand the meaning of all the various components numbered in the miniaturized sample spread shoun above, Each is described* under a matching number, below

1. GROUP The species described in this book are arranged in 43 groups based on easy-to-observe leaf and stem characters. For a key to the groups, see page 16. Diagnostic group characters are summarized at the start of each of the 43 sections and should be used to confirm the options offered in the key.

2. CROUP ICON Each of the 43 groups has its own ¡con, which appears as an identification and reference aid on every text page. An icon is a diagrammatic representation of a plant, or a stem with leaves, and it summarizes u group's diagnostic characters A^ a quick reference to the groups, all the icons are repeated, arranged together» on the inside back cover of (fie hook.

FAMILY NAME Just as spccies are brought together in inclusive units called genera, so genera ;trc arranged in families. Within the 43 groups into which the main part of tilts t*>ok i^ organized, species appear alphabeticall\ according to family. The families also appear in alphabetical sequence, it should be noted that four of the families represented in this book may also be referred to by an alternative name i which is ihe one Used by us). These families and their alternative names are, respectively, the Compositae/Asteraceaei Ciuuiferae/Clusiaceae; Palmae/Aflecaceae and Um be III ferae/A piaceao We have separated the legumes into three different families: the Mimosaeeae, t ~ae sa 1 pirn ace ae and the Fabaceae {narrowly defined; also referred to as Papilionaceae). Some authors combine these three families into a single inclusive family, the Legtiminosae/Fah;ieeae {broadly deftned).

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