Irrigational aspects of Capsicum

Capsicum, a shallow rooted crop, is very sensitive to soil moisture variations. Excess or deficit soil moisture must be avoided. More than half of the root system is concentrated in the 5—15 cm layer. For field irrigation, the land should be laid into ridges and furrows to economise water. Under conditions of water scarcity, alternate furrows and widely spaced furrow irrigation are recommended. Generally, eight to nine irrigations may be required to raise the crop depending upon agroclimatic conditions. The irrigation requirement of the crop is found to be 110 cm. Scheduling of irrigation can be made based on cumulative pan evaporation (40 mm), IW/CPI ratio (0.75—0.90), available soil moisture depletion (40-60% ASM) and soil moisture tension (25 kPa). Drip irrigation was found to be superior to sprinkler and furrow irrigation in saving water and reducing the incidence of disease. Spraying 200 ppm alachlor solution as antitranspirant was found to be beneficial.

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