Source: Reproduced from Pruthi (1980).

Source: Reproduced from Pruthi (1980).

Notes a From Shuster and Lockharr (1954).

b Average of 10 observers.

c Two-inch cell. Lovibond yellow units at 20-27; concentration 1 : 500; ethanolic extract.

d Two-inch cell. From Lovibond red units.

e Hardy recording spectrophotometer (cell path 1 cm; bandwidth lOm/x; concentration 1 :1000; acetone extract).

f An order of 1 signifies the reddest sample. The order was the same for the visual scores, the absorbances, and the C units.

Colouring pigments in paprika

The colour in paprika powder is the principal criterion for assessing its quality. The pigment content of paprika powder can range from 0.1 to 0.8%. The colour value of paprika is usually

Table 3.9 Fractions of pepper pigments of paprika (as a percentage of total colour of the hexane extract)"

Capsicum and paprika










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