Colour differences between fruits grown in greenhouse and open air

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Table 15.1 shows the mean extractable value (ASTA units) and tint of paprika obtained from six pepper varieties grown in greenhouse and open air (Gómez et al., 1998a). Note that the greenhouse varieties show higher ASTA units and higher tint values in all cases.

Table 15.2 gives the values corresponding to the CIELAB colour space co-ordinates (L*, a*, b*), chromatic quotients and chroma for the colour by reflection of the fruits for both growing systems. In the red fruits the greenhouse values for brightness (L*), red (a*) and yellow (b*) components and chroma (C*) are lower, due to the fact that the plant receives less sunlight (Gómez et al., 1998a). These lower values reflect darker and duller fruit colours, as expected when taking the physical significance of these parameters into account.

Figure 15.1 shows the representative points of the red greenhouse and open air fruit varieties in the colour space CIELAB, making evident the colouring difference. It is observed that the open air varieties, with better visual colours (highest C* value), are separated from the greenhouse varieties which are on the top right-hand side of the diagram.

The chlorophyll a (CJ and b (C^,) content of the fruits during the growing and ripening process is shown in Table 15.3 for greenhouse and open air varieties. It may be observed how the total chlorophyll content (Ca + Cb) decreases progressively. While the fruit colouring is only green (up to 35 days in greenhouse and 45 days in the open air), the chlorophyll a content is

Table 15.1 Average values of extractable colour (ASTA) and tint of the paprikas of the varieties cultivated in greenhouse (GH) and in the open air (OA), obtained in each case from five different measurements


ASTA units


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