Treatment after Harvest

Flowers are sent to the drying shelf. They are stored on clean drying shelves that are made of wood or palm leaves lined with snack cloth; 1-1.5 kg of good flowers are put in each cage after they are riddled while being fresh. The layer of the flowers on the drying shelf must not exceed 2 cm, so they can dry quickly.

The drying shelf must be in the shade with good airing and away from the stables and compost piles. The drying shelves can be put over each other in opposite directions to let in air. They should be left in the sun on the first day and covered with an upside-down drying shelf so they will not be directly exposed to the sun; this helps in the drying process. At the end of the day drying shelves must be put onto the big shelf covered with a ceiling so that they are not exposed to the dew.

Material must not be stirred on the drying shelves. Drying should be in the shade, except for the first day when the shelves are exposed to sunlight in order to lose humidity. The drying process takes from 6 to 7 days, oil percentage 0.45 or 0.9-1.1% relative to dry weight. Depending on the weather conditions, air drying takes from 1 to 4 weeks. Cleaning and sorting of the dried products is done manually. There are only a few existing machine units.

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